Finally a new drawing! Tom Hardy


I know what you’re thinking: ‘She’s started drawing again!’ and you’d be right to think that. After a year and a bit, I’ve finally picked up that pen and started drawing again.

I decided to draw Tom Hardy after watching This Means War ( I’m such a romanticist! Haha), I know he look nothing like this in that film but drawing Tom Hardy with a beard was easier than without!

Anyway for a first attempt at drawing again, I don’t think it turned out all that bad. Okay so one eye looks a bit bigger than the other and his nose…I’m sorry Tom, I just couldn’t get it right! But it’s not a bad effort I don’t think.

I’m hoping to get my next drawing done next week once I’ve been on holiday!

Ciao for now,



Ladies, send the first message already!


I have entered the vast world that is online dating; it’s a daring place to go with endless opportunities, fails and damn right ‘what the hells’. Going on dating sites and apps can at first seem intimidating, having to upload flattering photos of yourself to impress your prospective onlookers. Having to write something that doesn’t make you sound boring or desperate, but unique and desirable. Once all that is done, the waiting game begins.

So you swipe right on a few guys you fancy chatting to or check out their profile. You wait for the message, only the message rarely come. If they do they often begin with ‘Hey’ ‘Hey sexy’ ‘Hey gorgeous’ ‘Hey, are you?’ or even worse ‘Hey, how r u’ (like seriously, didn’t you go to school!). I sometimes feel like pulling my hair out, someone that is going to get a reply will be someone who picks up on something in my profile, who makes an effort. I’m quite a traditional person, so I expect the guys to make the first move, but it would appear that times have changed. So why don’t the majority of guys send the first message?

So I asked a couple of guys who use dating apps and sites if they send the first message and if not why not? The general answer I got was that they did send some first messages, but saw that as it’s the 21st-century women should be making the effort too. I asked if they seriously thought someone had potential would they send the first message, the answer I got? Well yes was the answer, but a lot wouldn’t hang on for a reply as a large percentage go unanswered. What I’ve also discovered from talking to these guys is that there are a lot of bots, fakes and women selling their services (no I’m not talking about Avon, we’re talking the unmentionables), so it’s not surprising that guys don’t bother sending the first message.

So, ladies, it would appear we need to man up, build up our confidence and send that first message. I send plenty of them and like the problem the men have, a large percentage go unanswered. But I recently sent out the first message, the fellow replied, we’ve chatted for a few days, and now we’re going the first date (I only instigated the conversation, he was the one who had to ask to meet me, I am still a traditionalist in that manner)

Good luck ladies, we can beat this online dating! (although admittedly it does make me feel like I have more than one Tamagotchi pet attached to my phone at times!)

Over and out,








The case of the ex

Okay, so I’ve recently been going through love forums, reading about relationship problems and people’s suggested resolution to said problems. Admittedly I only started reading them because I had relationship problems of my own (I’ll be blogging about that soon enough), but found quite a few people asking what it means if an ex gets back in touch after no contact (NC).

Well, in my experience, it’s because their recent relationship has gone tits up. I recently got contacted by an ex a couple of days ago after nearly 2 years of NC, he actually unblocked me from Facebook (I know, he actually blocked me! I used to joke with my mum as he blocked me after I sent him a message asking him to stop sending me candy crush requests, I guess some people were passionate hard core candy crush gamers back then!) and sent a message on the lines of ‘hey, how are you?’. Admittedly I was quite surprised, but was curious and because I don’t hold grudges (I actually do, but I didn’t want to appear like I did!) I replied. We sent a couple of messages back and forth, how everyone is at home, what we’ve been up to and so on.

Alarm bell no.1 started when he compliment my profile picture. I know what you might be thinking, ‘it’s just a compliment!’ But from where I stand, giving a flattering compliment to an ex when you’re in a relationship ain’t the norm. Alarm bell no.2 happened when he asked if I wanted to meet up (please note: he asked to meet up before when he’d supposedly broken up with his girlfriend, I declined but said maybe another time, turns out he hadn’t broken up with her).

So with alarm bells ringing and from past experience I decided to do some detective work. I remembered he followed me on Twitter (I unfollowed him many moons ago), he hadn’t posted in quite a while but it was easy enough to find a tweet he’d sent to his girlfriend. Low and  behold, I was right to be suspicious, it turns out they’d broken up (admittedly I wouldn’t be very good as a detective as I accidentally followed her on Twitter, but no biggie I got what I needed).

How did the conversation end? Well I stayed mature and said I was too busy to meet up, he suggested another time, I said I’d try and pencil him in. I then blocked him. Why did I block him? Because he blocked me to begin with of  course…only joking! I’m not that childish! (Okay I am a bit). The main reason was because he’s in the past and I have no reason to be in contact with him anymore, I’m certainly not going to be used!

Maybe he felt lonely (go and talk to your friends), maybe he needed an ego boost after the break up (hook up with another woman), maybe he genuinely just wanted to talk and be friends (with your ex? After you’ve just broken up with your current girlfriend? Not going to happen!) but either way, I’m leaving the past where it belongs and I’m looking to the future.

I think that’s my general advice in the case of ex’s suddenly contacting you out of nowhere after years or months of silence. Don’t step back in the past, they’re in the past for a reason.





I had a few hours spare so I decided to draw the beautiful animal that is the tiger!  (Roar!)

Well as with my human portraits I decided to start with the eyes before shading in the black fur.  I then went about drawing the rest of the tiger before moving onto the nose, which was pretty easy (I know easy?!), but then again a tigers nose isn’t the most complicated (to draw anyway!).

The final touch was to shade the tiger in using my pencils to make the tiger seem less 2D. Unfortunately my scanner wouldn’t pick up the pencil shading, so I had to revert back to using my camera which has done a decent job of picking it up, although the background remains faded.

I can honestly say I’m happy with this drawing, apart from the bit that’s hidden by the pen, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you!

Over and out!



The Wolverine!


I haven’t been on here in ages (I know, shame on me!), but here is a drawing I did of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! Overall I’m happy with how it turned out. I reverted back to using my Faber-Castell pens for the shading, just to give it a bit more impact, but I also used my good old ball point pen.
I think the drawing could do with a background as the outline in some parts are quite thick.

Anyhow a quick post!

Over and out


As free as a bird


When you have little Blue Tits flying in and out of the bird box right outside your window (all those caterpillars they’ve fed to their chicks!), it made sense that I should try and draw one (emphasis on the ‘try’ here!).

Unlike most drawing I didn’t start with the birds eye (I know, what’s wrong with me?!) but instead started with it’s beak, it just seemed to make more sense while I was drawing. I then drew the eye before drawing the outline of the bird.

I then went about shading, something I’m not too happy about. Especially the left hand side of the bird or right hand side as you look at it (all these hands are so confusing!), it just seems to deform the bird somehow.

But I think overall it’s an ‘okay’ drawing.

I don’t know if you’ve tried taking a photo of a Blue Tit going in and out of it’s house to feed it’s chicks, but I can assure you, it’s not easy! They’re speedy little things!  My rather poor attempt is shown below.

P1010899.jpg.1P1010889 (2).jpg2

That’s all for today folks,

Over and out,



It’s Margaery Tyrell!


I hadn’t drawn in over a week (I know over a week!) and as my creativity was running wild I decided to do a quick sketch of Natalie Dormer known for playing Margaery Tyrell in the Game of Throne.
I had a few problems with her nose (it just doesn’t look right…my drawing of it that is, Natalie’s nose is lovely) and I probably should have shaded with my pencils instead of leaving it blank, but I do like the way her eyes turned out (I know, what a big head!).

Anyhow only a quick post today!

Over and out