I had a few hours spare so I decided to draw the beautiful animal that is the tiger!Β  (Roar!)

Well as with my human portraits I decided to start with the eyes before shading in the black fur. Β I then went about drawing the rest of the tiger before moving onto the nose, which was pretty easy (I know easy?!), but then again a tigers nose isn’t the most complicated (to draw anyway!).

The final touch was to shade the tiger in using my pencils to make the tiger seem less 2D. Unfortunately my scanner wouldn’t pick up the pencil shading, so I had to revert back to using my camera which has done a decent job of picking it up, although the background remains faded.

I can honestly say I’m happy with this drawing, apart from the bit that’s hidden by the pen, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you!

Over and out!




Magpies, magpies everywhere!

2 for joy

‘Hello Mr Magpie, or Mr and Mrs Magpie in this case!’

The magpie, a bird seen with much superstition. If you see one you must solute it to ward off bad luck. Why only if you see one? Because magpies usually mate for life, so seeing one is a symbol of sorrow (or so I’m told).

Heard the poem?

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a secret never to be told.

Well luckily for me I saw more than my fair share of coupled magpies today, joy should be on it’s way! Not much joy came today though, not that it was a bad day, just not very ‘joyous’. Perhaps it is waiting until tomorrow, the day of many possibilities (including getting lost & getting off at the wrong station…).

Anyhow with this new sighting I decided to draw a couple of magpies. I initially used a ball point pen to draw the magpies but unhappy with the ‘plain’ look it gave them, I decided to experiment using photoshop. I used a variety of tools (some of which I didn’t even know existed!), and eventually came out with this image. I like the gothic look it gave the magpie, somewhat mysterious like the animals they are.

Well that’s all from me for now!
Don’t forget to solute the magpies!