Katherine Jenkins


When a fellow tweeter asked for me to draw Katherine Jenkins I could not say no. Not only does she have a beautiful voice (no I’m not a fan of opera but I can appreciate a good voice when I hear one), to match her handsome looks (not at all jealous…) but most of all she’s Welsh! (I mean how could she not be with such a magnificent voice, we all know the welsh have fabulous voices…apart from me…)

Anyhow the first problem with drawing Katherine was the fact that my ball point pen had snapped in two (I know I’m just too strong for my own good…okay I rolled over it with my wheelie desk chair, silly me!). Once I’d managed to find a pen I could get cracking!
So I started with her eyes, first her left and then her right. I think I’ve over shaded on the left as her lashes aren’t as defined as I’d hoped. I then started on the nose (which I’m actually quite happy with), and then her lips which I’m really not happy with, they just don’t look right to me.
Next was the hair (blond again so less time shading!) and then the rest of the shading. I think there’s too much shading on the face and I don’t think I’ve got the shape of her face quite right either.

Apart from the parts that I’m not entirely satisfied with, I think the drawing was an overall success!

Over and out


That’s where the love lies…Under The Shadows

Rae Morris

‘Oh no, she’s gone all romantic!’

Have no fear, this post will not be about the matters of the heart (that’s between me and the other person involved…usually!), the title of this blog comes from Rae Morris’ song (you’ve guessed it) ‘Under The Shadows’. It is a song I’m particularly addicted to at the moment, so it made sense to try and draw Rae Morris.

Even though this shouldn’t have been a hard drawing to do, it turned out to be quite challenging. I tried to make Rae’s face as plain as possible, no not because she has a plain face (after all, who does have a plain face?!), but because she uses very little make-up (and rightly so!), so I didn’t want to over emphasize her facial features.

My first attempt ended up being scrapped. I tried using my Faber-Castell pens but as feared, the pens seemed to over emphasize Rae’s eyes. My second attempt was much more successful, as you can see in the above image. I used my good old blackΒ ballpoint pen. I started, as usual, with the eyes then the nose, the mouth and then the outline of the face. I started shading the eyes, the nose and the mouth before moving on the ultimate challenge…the hair!

I’ve always found drawing hair to be difficult, I think it’s mainly because I get (dare I say) bored? It just seems to take so long to draw. But with this drawing I told myself to be patient, and I think it’s paid off, because the results aren’t half bad. The final part was to shade in the neck area and draw her necklace and…voila I was done.

The drawing took longer than usual to do, I couldn’t quite loose myself to the drawing as I usually do, perhaps I just had something on my mind. But I’m quite happy with the result!

Never heard of Rae Morris or her song Under The Shadow?
Why not take a listen to the YouTube video below?

Happy Listening!