What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you’d think – Diana


Another Sunday and another blog posts. This makes my fourth posts this year already (mashing last years quota of 1 blog post) what can I say I’m on a roll! As the weather was pretty miserable this afternoon, I decided to give my new Faber-Castell pens a whizz which was gifted to me by a certain someone.

I wanted to draw a strong woman or a woman who portrays a strong woman. The first woman that popped into my mind was Gia Gabot who plays Diana/Wonder Woman (because modern day Wonder Woman is pretty baddass right!) and off I went, ripped the seal off the case that contained the pens and got the ink flowing.

I admit it felt strange to use these pens again, the way the ink glides across the paper was alien at first; I was used to the more vigorous approach of the ballpoint pen. It soon came back to me, a bit like driving for the first time after 2 weeks off (going from “What are these pedals for?” to “Oh yeah, now I remember!”). It made me realise that I really should have bought some new pens way back when I first ran out, maybe then I would have drawn more often, but hey you live and you learn (should have, would have, could have and all that!).

As per, I started with the eyes, then the nose and then the lips which I’m quite happy with. Okay maybe the lips need some work and are a bit wonky but (and this is a big but) at least Gia doesn’t look like she has fish lips (ah, the relief, it washes over me!). Next was the outline of her face and neck before attempting the hair! (Oh the hair!) I’m notorious for being awful at drawing hair, but for the first time in ages I’m content with how I’ve drawn Gia’s hair (I mean I’ve drawn worse…much worse, right?).

The part that I struggled with was her dress. She was wearing a beaded dress, but I messed it up so badly that I just made it into a black dress (admittedly there are still remnants of the old attempt in the drawing). I have no idea what the design of the dress is meant to be (I’m no fashion designer…evidently!), but I like to call it creative.

Of course, no drawing would be complete without a bit of input from my old faithful ballpoint pen! I did some shading with my trusty pen and then finished off with lighter shading with pencil.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this drawing considering it’s my first time in years since I last used any Faber-Castell pens. Thanks to the certain someone who gifted them to me (you know who you are!).

Well, that’s all for know folk. Hopefully, another drawing will be on the cards soon!

Ciao for now,




Looking back to move forward



“Not another soppy blog post!” I hear you say, well have no fear this blog post is going to be about my latest drawing above. Why the title? Well, I could be clever and relate it to the fact that it’s a drawing of soldiers during the First World War, but in reality, it’s for an entirely different reason. Since I have finished all of my college work (woohoo) I now have more time to draw again (hooray I hear you say!). So off I went eager-eyed pen in hand, a fresh sheet of paper in front of me and what I produced was something a two-year-old could have drawn, my enthusiasm was dampened. My hand wouldn’t do as it was told (no honestly, it was like a naughty dog running off from its owner!), so I decided to give it a rest for the night.


I couple more tries on consecutive days and still no results worth sharing (no honestly they’d be an embarrassment to see), so I thought I’d go back to what I used to really enjoy drawing. Representation of War.

My tribute to armed forces day

You might recall the image to the left, I drew it a few years ago. It’s interesting how my style of drawing has changed since then and how I’ve moved away from using Faber-Castell pens to simple ball point pens (okay I admit, I ran out of the Faber-Castell pens and never got around to buying new ones – whoops!). With new found enthusiasm and inspiration after watch Testament of Youth (a harrowing film but worth a watch), I turned the music up and lost myself in the black ink.

It took more than a few hours to complete the drawing above (doesn’t my hand know it), the foreground was a bugger to do, but I think it has the desired effect of looking like upturned earth and mud. What I really dislike about the drawing is the man on the right, well his legs to be precise, I feel like I could have shaded them better. Actually, the entire right-hand side of the drawing could have been shaded better. At least you can tell what the drawing is…right?!

Anyway, not my best drawing, but onwards and upwards. My next drawing will be better, hell I might even buy some new Faber-Castell pens!

I shall leave you all with a trailer for Testament of Youth (2014).

Ciao for now,





I had a few hours spare so I decided to draw the beautiful animal that is the tiger!  (Roar!)

Well as with my human portraits I decided to start with the eyes before shading in the black fur.  I then went about drawing the rest of the tiger before moving onto the nose, which was pretty easy (I know easy?!), but then again a tigers nose isn’t the most complicated (to draw anyway!).

The final touch was to shade the tiger in using my pencils to make the tiger seem less 2D. Unfortunately my scanner wouldn’t pick up the pencil shading, so I had to revert back to using my camera which has done a decent job of picking it up, although the background remains faded.

I can honestly say I’m happy with this drawing, apart from the bit that’s hidden by the pen, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you!

Over and out!



The Wolverine!


I haven’t been on here in ages (I know, shame on me!), but here is a drawing I did of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! Overall I’m happy with how it turned out. I reverted back to using my Faber-Castell pens for the shading, just to give it a bit more impact, but I also used my good old ball point pen.
I think the drawing could do with a background as the outline in some parts are quite thick.

Anyhow a quick post!

Over and out


As free as a bird


When you have little Blue Tits flying in and out of the bird box right outside your window (all those caterpillars they’ve fed to their chicks!), it made sense that I should try and draw one (emphasis on the ‘try’ here!).

Unlike most drawing I didn’t start with the birds eye (I know, what’s wrong with me?!) but instead started with it’s beak, it just seemed to make more sense while I was drawing. I then drew the eye before drawing the outline of the bird.

I then went about shading, something I’m not too happy about. Especially the left hand side of the bird or right hand side as you look at it (all these hands are so confusing!), it just seems to deform the bird somehow.

But I think overall it’s an ‘okay’ drawing.

I don’t know if you’ve tried taking a photo of a Blue Tit going in and out of it’s house to feed it’s chicks, but I can assure you, it’s not easy! They’re speedy little things!  My rather poor attempt is shown below.

P1010899.jpg.1P1010889 (2).jpg2

That’s all for today folks,

Over and out,



It’s Margaery Tyrell!


I hadn’t drawn in over a week (I know over a week!) and as my creativity was running wild I decided to do a quick sketch of Natalie Dormer known for playing Margaery Tyrell in the Game of Throne.
I had a few problems with her nose (it just doesn’t look right…my drawing of it that is, Natalie’s nose is lovely) and I probably should have shaded with my pencils instead of leaving it blank, but I do like the way her eyes turned out (I know, what a big head!).

Anyhow only a quick post today!

Over and out


Oh look it’s Demelza!


Well season one of Poldark has come and gone and what a cliff-hanger of an ending! As I’m such an impatient person and couldn’t wait to find out what happened and I downloaded the book (wait was this their marketing ploy all along to make you buy the books? Crafty!!).

So because I loved the show I decided to do a drawing of Eleanor Tomlinson who played Demelza Poldark.

It took many tries before I was happy with her eyes, but even now I’m not100% happy with her right eye. I also had trouble with drawing her hair (I think I was just having a bad drawing day) and decided to crop the mess that it became to save your eyes.

All in all it’s a satisfactory drawing, although I think I could defiantly do better!

Over and out!