I guess this is the place where I tell you a bit about myself….or at least what I plan to do with this site (you’ll get to know more about me as you start reading my posts…hopefully). Well my pen name is Jessie Bobs, (no extra points for those who guess my full name!) and that’s me, so if you pass me on the street, don’t forget to say hello!

This page used to be about my drawings, but I’ve since stopped (‘again?!’ I hear you say, I know but the cycle will probably come around again and when it does this will be one of the first place I’ll post my drawings to!) I will however continue to post blogs. They’ll probably vary in topic according to how I feel, but it’s my ambition to post at least one blog a week! (fingers crossed I stick to the target this time.)

So feel free to have a snoop around!

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and Instagram  (if social media is your thing of course).

Happy snooping!





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