A representation of a Queen



It’s Sunday, my least favourite day of the week, I mean it’s the day before we all head back to work after a weekend of chilling! (Oh 6:30am wake up call…how I despise thee!) So along with going for a nice 5-mile walk with the pooch and with all the cobwebs blown away, I thought “right, this is the right time to pick up the trusty ball-point pen and lose my thoughts on the paper.” And that’s exactly what I did “Hooray, I hear you say!” (see I told you I’d get one day, sooner rather than later).

As Christmas time, which seems a lifetime ago now (like seriously it’s only been a month?!) and winter generally is often a time for watching historical and period dramas, (I’m a sucker for a good period drama, I know, I’m romantic at heart really!) and as I’d recently watched The Crown (a must for all historical drama lovers out there) I thought: “I’ll draw Claire Foy who plays The Queen.” My hand and pen had other ideas though, turns out they didn’t want to draw any representation of The Queen even if it was the fantastic actress Claire Foy. Her eyes went well, her nose wasn’t so bad, but her lips, oh the lips, I made her look like she had fish lips (I’m sorry Claire!) and due to the shame, I will not be sharing that awful depiction that I created.

So round two, I decided to draw Queen Victoria instead, or at least Jenna Coleman. For some reason, I had a good feeling about this drawing (the type of feeling you get when you know you’re going to have a good day) and so I turned up the tunes and lost myself to the ink. You see, even though it’s my first drawing in what feels like forever (okay, in about a year or so) I’m delighted with how this one has turned out. I tried not to overshade, which is what I tend to do, and decided to use a pencilΒ to add the softer shading. Of course, the usual suspects regarding faults are there. The lips are not quite right (at least they don’t look like fish lips though right?!), overshading on neck and chin line, and the hair. Oh, the hair, I can never get that right, but I’m going to say “it’s my iconic style” from now on because I doubt it’ll ever change.

Anywho, let me know your thoughts, and hopefully, I’ll get another drawing done before long!

Ciao for now,




17 thoughts on “A representation of a Queen

  1. Hi Jessica-My thoughts are that you have done a cracking job on the β€˜Queen’-looks absolutely wonderful – those cheekbones,eyes,lips really come to life.Very talented,well done you.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

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