Texting – The like-dislike relationship


Ah, the text message, it’s a wonderful invention, it’s quick, easy, convenient and it’s cheap. Sure I like texting, it lets me keep in contact with the important people in my life but boy there are times that it frustrates me! I’ll tell you now, this post is going to be about the negativity of texting so if you’re a hardcore fan and can’t stand negativity towards the medium, walk away now, or forever be scarred by the truth! (I might have gone slightly over the top there, but you get the gist).

So why don’t I like texting? I don’t like the thought of being ruled by a piece of technology. My phone is always getting notifications, bleeping and flashing its beady notification light at me, watching and waiting for me to give it attention. Well, I give it attention when I’m good and ready and not when someone or something wants me to, after all, I have more to do with my life than being stuck looking at a small screen all day.  In fact, most of the time my mobile is sitting in my handbag, so I’m oblivious to its neediness, although I have missed a few calls from the boss because it’s been silently buzzing away (whoops!).

Everyone seems to think they can get hold of you all the time, and if you don’t reply within 2 minutes and 5 seconds rather than 2 hours and 5 mins, then something must be wrong. People have honestly said that I must be in a mood with them because I took so long to reply (like seriously?!) and then there’s those who put “hello stranger” as a response when you finally have a minute to answer (ugh, please!). Don’t get me started on the double and triple texters when you don’t reply immediately, that’s just needy behaviour if you ask me.

Then there’s the miscommunication. Text is toneless so it really depends on your mood on how you interpret a text. A “can’t meet tomorrow, I’m working” text is suddenly interpreted as “leave me alone, I have better things to do tomorrow” if the recipient is in a bad mood (ah!). Emoji’s, of course, do help (I am a fan of emoji’s, probably use far too many) but put the wrong emoji and the whole sentence changes meaning. “Can’t meet tomorrow, I’m working ;)” turns into “can’t meet tomorrow, I’m doing something flirtatious instead”, it’s a minefield!

2AF42E8400000578-3179736-image-a-13_1438247647529Finally, text talk,  it drives me up the wall, especially when people use lol after everything. When I was single I got a text “Do u want 2 go on a date lol” my reply? “Are you having a laugh?”. Honestly, people who abbreviate everything really get under my skin along with those who don’t punctuate, it’s like trying to decipher morse code.

Is it just me who thinks like this? Let me know your thoughts.











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