Ditching the sugar to help beat cancer

So last night I was doing a bit of scrolling through Twitter and saw a promotional tweet by Cancer Research about their new challenge, Sugar-Free February. It’s very simial to the Dryathlon challenge, only (as you’ve probably guessed) instead of ditching the booze you raise money for ditching the sugar.

I’ve signed up, given myself a target of raising £200 and I am ready for the challenge! Admittedly I have indulged in quite a bit of sugary foods today (and probably will for the next couple of days) to make up for a whole 28 days without it. Just so you know I’ll still be eating foods with natural sugars like fruit and vegetables but not anything that has refined or added sugar like cake, biscuits and sweets, etc. I think I’ll miss chocolate the most and those Cadbury’s hot chocolate microwaveable cakes, they are definitely a weekend treat that I’m going to miss, but it’ll be worth it because it’s for a good cause!

I’ll be posting regular video updates, like the one above (excuse the stuffy voice, still getting over a cold), on how it’s going via my twitter so go ahead and follow me there: https://twitter.com/JBArtDrawings. Alternatively, I’ll post an update on here once a week so watch this space!

If you could donate even the smallest amount of money, it would be very appreciated. My fundraising page is: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/ditching-sugar-to-help-beat-cancer

Bring on the challenge!







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