“Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray. I choose to see the beauty” – Dolores Abernathy


So last night I was catching up with the TV series Westworld, if you haven’t already watched it, you definitely should! To put it simply it’s a futuristic theme park for adults full of human-like robots that the humans can do anything they like to them, only things strat to change as the robots go rogue (I know I’m not exactly selling it to you, but honestly it’s a brilliant series, slightly confusing at time but stick with it!). It also stars Anthony Hopkins (possibly the best actor out there), and you know just from his presence that it’s going to be worth the watch. Okay, that’s enough of me trying to encourage you to watch the show Β (or failing, I’ve never been very good at these synopses! ), let’s get down to the drawing.

My favourite character from the show is Dolores, her character has grown so much from the start (but I haven’t yet watched the finale so no spoilers!) and I was inspired to draw her, Β and that I did. I started just after 10:30pm and didn’t finish until around 1am but I really do like the finish on this one if I do say so myself (late night drawing must suit me!). Β I did most of the drawing with pen and then shaded with pencil, something I don’t do very often at all, but after this drawing, I think I shall start using pencil more. I’m not happy with how her hair has turned out (I know, that’s a standard comment from me), I will try and get more practice in to improve.

Well it’s a short blog from me today, been busy with putting the outside Christmas lights up, which is always a nightmare (no seriously Β it is, we checked that the lights were working before putting them on the tree and by the time we put them up…nothing, not even a flicker of hope from the silly things !) and now it’s time to write the Christmas cards!

I leave you with the trailer of Westworlds, see if you can spot the scene that I used to draw Delores πŸ˜‰

Ciao for now!





3 thoughts on ““Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray. I choose to see the beauty” – Dolores Abernathy

  1. I always do my best drawing past 12 am! I love Dolores too, she has a beautiful innocence to her, yet she’s still such a resilient character. So excited for season 2 πŸ˜€

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  2. Aw, i thought this was an extremely good post. In idea I would like to invest writing in this way moreover – taking time and actual effort to manufacture a very good article… but exactly what do I say… I procrastinate alot and no means apparently go completed.


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, I’m glad you like my writing style! I think the best way is to keep in mind while you write is the objective of you post. If I feel like i’m going off topic I stop, think of the purpose of the post and go back and change, if required.
      Also (as you probably know) make sure you write about something you’re interested in and let your personality shine πŸ™‚
      Hope that helps!


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