‘Imperfection is beauty’ – Marilyn Monroe


You’ve guessed it, my latest drawing is of Marilyn Monroe – I’m hoping you all came to that conclusion from looking at the picture and not the title (right?!).

So after my last blog post I remembered what one of my favourite hobbies was (before the turbulent times) – drawing! (I know, how totally obvious right, I mean my blog, Twitter and Instagram are all called JBArtDrawings but…read my previous post, and you’ll understand). I have done a few sketches here and there but none that ended up being filed away (admittedly most of them ended up in the recycling or in the log burner), so I thought “Right that’s it, I’m going to get my pen and paper out and start drawing.” But there was a problem, a rather big problem for artists…I had no pens! My old faithful ballpoint pen that I used to use had lost it’s will to live, not even a bit a spit would get it moving (I know, kinda gross, but it works most of the time!). So I delved under the bed into my office reserves box and managed to salvage a black ball point pen – hope was not lost!

So pen went on paper, and it remained unmoving for about 10 minutes as I tried to decide what or who to draw. Santa? No, I’d drawn him last year (or was it the year before?) and got fed up with all that hair. A reindeer? No, I’d try to draw one not long ago, and I watched it’s deformed head slowly being engulphed in flames before it resided in it’s final resting place at the bottom of the log burner (it was quite traumatic!). A celebrity? Yes! After much deliberation, I decided on the actress I used to be obsessed about (not in a pervy way, I was fascinated by her life), Marilyn Monroe.

I searched the internet for a pic that I could attempt to draw and realised that this wasn’t going to be an easy task. I was rubbish at drawing teeth, or an open mouth, (they always looked like they were about to eat an apple when I drew them, and no one wants to be represented looking like a horse) and I doubted that after months without practice I would have improved. Did you know, most photos of Marilyn are with her mouth open?! Anyway, I finally found one I thought I could draw. I started with her eyes, then her nose and then her mouth. It then came to the part I was dreading most …her hair. I always suck at drawing hair, I start off with such good intent but then as the drawing dragged on I got more and more impatient. As you can tell by the end, I was cross-hatching.

I don’t think the end result was all that bad, you can see who it is (right?) Β plus as Marilyn herself said ‘Imperfection is beauty’! Although a fellow on Twitter did point out, her hair does make her look like Cruella Deville which is pretty hilarious but I can definitely see it. Maybe my next project should be to mergeΒ Disney characters characteristics (gosh that’s a mouthful!) on different celebrities!

Anywho today I leave you withΒ Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell singing Two little girls from Little Rock

Ciao for now!





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