Mother of Dragons


Well as the fifth season of Game of Thrones has got underway, it made sense for me to draw one of the characters. This time it is Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen (what a name!).
I know what your thinking, if I’ve drawn a character from Game of Thrones, I must enjoy watching it..sorry to break your little hearts but I gave up after season 3. Way too much talking and faffing for my liking, like has Daenerys reached Westeros yet? (Wait is that even where she was going in the first place?!) Anyway that’s just my opinion of the show, so please don’t cap lock me to death with comments on how wrong my opinion is!

Back to the drawing, as usual I started with the eyes because I see that as the main feature of a persons face. I then moved down to her nose before attempting the lips (which were quite hard to do!). I then started on the hair (best part about drawing blond hair, not much shading required!) before moving onto shading her face and neck. I think I may have over-shaded on the face a little, or perhaps not enough (if that even makes any sense.).

My overall thoughts on the drawing, I actually quite like it (shocking I know, me confessing to liking one of my drawings! Miracles do happen!).

Well that’s all from me.
Over and out!



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