RAF to the rescue!

RAF rescue

This time I was challenged to draw an RAF Sea King HAR3A and as it was my day off I thought ‘bring it on!’

Strangely with this drawing I didn’t faff about like I usually do. I just went in, pen in hand, and got on with it until it was complete, lost in the zone of art. I, as usual, used my old faithful ball point pen for this one; started at the nose and worked my way to the tail (or is that not the correct terminology?!), leaving the rotor blades until last. I had difficulty in depicting how to draw the rotor blades in motion, in the end I drew them roughly and left it at that. They are the most disappointing part of the drawing but we live and learn!

Although there are mistakes; a few wonky lines here and there, a few spots of over and under shading, a few lines which shouldn’t be there full stop (did I sneeze when I drew those lines!) . Overall I’m quite happy, I’ve certainly drawn worse!

Over and out!



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