Fly me to the moon…


…obviously you can’t fly to the moon in a helicopter, but how great would it be if you could!

I actually drew this before Christmas…I know Christmas…like how long ago was that again!?! And why hadn’t I shared it with the world until now? Well I was waiting for my opportune moment of course. (Okay I admit, I haven’t drawn in a while, I’ve been a busy woman lately and so this is one of the backlog of drawings that needed to be uploaded.)

This was actually my first aviation piece I drew, it took ages (it felt like it at least), I wanted to get to right, and I think I did…in some places at least.

So how did I go about it?
At first I tried using my usual Faber-Castell pens, but I just couldn’t get the detail right and the shading was appalling. So I swapped back to my good old ball point pen! Unlike my other drawings, this was the first time where I had to used a ruler, there were so many straight yet curved lines, it was enough to drive you crazy! Especially the rotor blades, (did I get that terminology right?!) as they were in motion it was hard to figure out where they ended, I admit most of it was guess work!

Overall I’m dead chuffed with this drawing. The hard work defiantly paid off (in my opinion anyway!)

Happy Sunday everyone!



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