Not so ‘active now’!

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We’ve all been there, we’ve log into the Facebook messenger app, seen someone is ‘active now’ sent a message only for it to go unseen or even worse doesn’t deliver?! Well worry no longer! Because it is Facebook way of getting you to stay on it’s app for longer, and therefore making you a more valuable user.

What do I mean? Every time you go to check your Facebook messenger app (even if you don’t speak to anyone) it will say to your friends that you are ‘active now’. Fair enough I hear you say. However, Facebook will also notify your friends that you are ‘active now’ even when you’re browsing the Facebook app. So when you’re happily scrolling through your news feed, it will display to your friends (who use the Facebook messenger app) that you are ‘active now’. Something I find to be a bit annoying; just because I’m scrolling doesn’t mean I want to engage in conversation.

I’ve also discovered that Facebook will also display you as active when the Facebook app or the Facebook messenger app is running in the background. That is, when you’re on a Facebook app and then decide to change to lets say Twitter, the Facebook app will continue to run in the background. I was displayed as active all afternoon even though I was out scrambling up muddy cliffs (long story!).

A way of getting on Facebook (sometimes) without being detected is to actually go onto the Facebook website and don’t like, comment or click on anything, just scroll. Although this works most of the time, or it’ll display you as active 1 minute ago and then after 10 minutes of inactivity it will revert back to the old time stamp e.g. active 1 hour ago. But this also fails sometimes.

What I’ve also found is that Facebook might even decide to randomly display you as active now even though you aren’t connected to the internet and aren’t signed in on Facebook anywhere!

So for those of you who are worried that your friend is snubbing you, they probably aren’t. My advice is to ignore the active now feature, and the time stamp, they simply are not accurate. The person will message in their own time. Of course to avoid all this there is the good old fashioned phone call!I hope this clears up a few things!

Happy weekend!



4 thoughts on “Not so ‘active now’!

  1. Do you feel like this still happens? It seems pretty accurate to me but there have been a few times that have caused problems for me. All the info I can find where people say this has happened is from 4 years ago…

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    1. Hi Sarah,
      I find that it still happens on occasions although not as much as it used to.

      It defiantly happens when I accidentally go onto the Facebook app on my phone when I’m not connected to any mobile data or WiFi. When I do connect to WiFi (or mobile data) my time stamp will say that I was active when I went on the app when I had no connection. Kinda creepy!

      I think Facebook should scrap the time stamp along with the message “seen” icon. They’re a bit pointless to me and just cause more trouble than they’re worth!


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