I shoot things..with my camera of course!


Well my new camera has been here less than a month, and I already love shooting things with it!

So what camera is it?

It is my adorable bridge camera – Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ72 with 60 x optical zoom, and my goodness what a zoom it is! Above is a photo I took of the moon (I know, stating the obvious), I didn’t use a tripod, simply held it in my hand, and this wasn’t even taken on full zoom. I never knew the moon was so beautiful until I started taking photo of it (no, I’m not bragging, honest!), the way it sparkles in places like a diamond. Perhaps it is actually a giant diamond covered in dust, with only a few glittering speckles showing through (now that’s more romantic than saying it’s made of cheese!).



After successfully taking a photo of the moon, I decided to try my camera out on the wildlife and the results are above. Again the camera hasn’t failed to impress me, of course it’s not quite as high a quality as you’d get from an DSLR but the quality is certainly high. It won’t be the first time I shoot a few birds/ wildlife with my camera!

Now for the close-up!


I know, you were probably expecting a close-up of my face, but I don’t think anybody would want to see that!
So instead here is a lovely daisy. I’m once again impressed; quality in the detail and the astonishing colours. The 16.1 MP has certainly paid off!

And for those who aren’t used to a bridge or DSLR camera?


Well I became their prime subject!
But they said it was easy to use, the quality was fab and the camera itself was so light!

So for a person who enjoys taking the odd snap here and there, and doesn’t take their photography too seriously, (like me!) this is the perfect camera!

Expect more photos in the future folks!
Happy Weekend!



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