The F1 challenge

Mercedes F1

Am I a fan of F1? I can’t say I am, looking at vehicles going around the same circuit numerous times has never appealed to me, but the men in the family love it, along with a couple of friends I know. I don’t think there’s anything better than being inspired to draw from someone’s passion for something! And so I took the challenge (once again!)

This has to be the hardest drawing I’ve done of a solid object, actually it’s probably the hardest drawing I’ve ever done! It literally took hours to complete. I never knew there was so much detail to a Formula One car. I thought a car was a car, how wrong was I?!

The first task was deciding which teams car (or vehicle… I really don’t know what the correct terminology is..) to do, but at my brother and father both support Mercedes, I went with Mercedes 2014 model.

So how did I go about it?
As usual I used a ball point pen.
I started by drawing the frame of the car, before putting detail and shading to the rear of the car and worked my way around clockwise. I finished with the wheels which I think could do with improving, circular objects were never my forte. I had to forget about the logo on the tyres simply because they were too complicated to draw. Unlike my aviation drawings I gradually shaded this drawing in, and I think it has made a difference, the shading seems a lot smoother.

Overall I think this is my best drawing of a solid object I’ve done, but I can still improve!
I shall not be concurred!

Oh and I apologize that the picture isn’t as good as usual, I had to take a photo of it as the scanner wouldn’t pick up some of the car.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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