Run for the hills it’s a self portrait!

All me

‘Who is that lovely lady you have drawn?’ Oh I am flattered but it is me!

(oh sarcasm how I love thee)

So my first ever blog post, unless you count the ones I had to write at university and talk academically about a topic I had little interest in, no lets not count them. As it’s the first (non academic) blog, I decided to make it even more challenging by adding my self portrait into the mix.

Unsure if other artist feel the same way, but I find drawing myself to be a bit cringe worthy. The thought of looking at yourself that closely, picking up on all the imperfections and then drawing them onto your face (on the paper that it, not literally on your face) was the stuff of nightmares for me (no exaggeration here, I hated the thought of doing it!). So why did I do it if I hated the thought of it so much?

Because I was challenged, and who doesn’t like a good challenge? A couple of people had said I should do a self portrait but I politely turned down the suggestion. Simply because I didn’t have the confidence in my drawing capability, I’d imagine I’d turn out looking like something a child had drawn from it’s nightmares. But on the 1st of January another particular person asked me to draw a self portrait, as usual I said no. However this particular person is the type of person who would call you a ‘wimp’ for not trying, and my goodness I couldn’t allow that. So to prove this person wrong I went about drawing myself. I still don’t know why this person requested it in the first place. Maybe it was to help improve my confidence in my art skills, or was it simply to make me suffer? Perhaps it is a question best left unanswered!

Unlike the content I post on twitter and Facebook I’m hoping to upload ‘works in progress’ to my blog so you all get to see how a drawing looks during and after I have finished.

Me in progressme in progress 2

For this drawing I used Faber – Castell PITT artist pens to do the main facial features. I always start by drawing the eyes because I think this is the main facial feature that defines a persons face, everybody has different eyes. I then go onto the nose, then the mouth and then draw the shape of the face. For this drawing I used a simple ballpoint pen for the shading and for the hair. I admit the hardest part to draw on a woman is the hair and the beard for the man, it’s just so time consuming!

All me

(And here I am again…just in case you missed me the first time!)

I have to admit, I am glad I ventured where I haven’t ventured before, because the result isn’t all that bad and my confidence has whooshed up!

Well it’s bye for now! I hope it was a decent first blog post!

Happy snooping



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